Sreeram Kolisetty, SPCT Candidate

10 – Critical Success Factors For SAFe Implementation – What To Measure?

Track 1 – Leadership

Session 3

SAFe Implementation involves a lot of effort. As a leader how do you know

1. That your SAFe Implementations are going right?
2. What do you need to see?
3. What KPIs will help you to see that implementation is going fine?
4. What metrics you should look for and what should you ignore?
5. How metrics can be used to course correct your SAFe journey?

Sreeram Kolisetty is going to throw some light on these metrics and how these metrics will help you to sail your SAFe journey smoothly. Please join and get all your queries answered for your SAFe journey.

Timeslot: 11:00 AM to 11:45 AM IST