Sundaresan Jagadeesan, Director, PMO, Philips India

Technical Agility / Crafting Software Excellence Practices

Track 2 – Product & Execution

Session 2

Why does crafting quality code becomes imperative in SW industry / all the fields we are in today? An initial check on the internet will easily throw you an indicator, close to 75% of an engineer’s time is spent in understanding the code. This also reflects the complexities and the significant technical debt we create in the code. In Philips with our Software Center of Excellence we are addressing some of these issues and helping in crafting quality code as a culture in the organization.

With our tagline Better, Faster and Forever, we have defined and deployed simple and effective framework to spread the clean code practices in Philips organization. The focus is towards realizing value outcomes in terms of speed and quality by adhering to a set of SW excellence practices. Technical debt is addressed as well, if left unchecked it slows down development and results in decreased productivity. Key value outcomes are Time to market (speed) and Quality. A by-product of Speed and Quality would be Productivity improvements as we reduce the (observable) waste in the system.

Timeslot: 10:10 AM – 10:50 AM (IST)